Dolphin DMD 2020

Realize Your Talent : Wednesday, October 28, 2020.


Registration is now closed.

If you would like information about participating in Dolphin DMD as a community partner/coordinator, or to participate as an employer, please contact Jamie Burton:

The success of Dolphin DMD 2019


95.5% of mentees and 95.5% of mentors experienced a good match on October 30th.

In 2019, 22 different sectors were represented, with tremendous success in engaging mentors and employers within the professional & technical services, public administration, and market research sectors. However, it should be noted that engagement in aviation, retail, accommodation and food services and real estate have also increased over past years, and some sectors were represented for the first time this year, like management of companies & enterprises.

96% of mentors recognized that Dolphin DMD plays a role in promoting the hiring of persons with disabilities.


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