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Disabilities Mentoring Day will be on October 25, 2023.

Registration is now open!

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Registration deadline is September 27, 2023


We are improving access to employment for people with disabilities across Canada.
A lot can happen in a single day!

“I received a great fit with my mentee. I truly think that we were both mentors – I learnt so much from my mentee. I think accommodation is a universal concept and the more we learn to advocate for others, the more we ultimately advocate for ourselves. “


Here’s what people have to say about Dolphin DMD:

“The day was superb! It eliminated all the stress I had about starting new jobs and meeting with people. I had the very best mentor who made sure all my needs were taken care of and taught me so much. I thank you so much for the opportunity and matching me up with such a good mentor!”

“It was a great experience and learning opportunity for both myself and other leaders at the organization. Thank you for leading this initiative.”

What is DMD?

Mission: Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day utilizes technology to help bridge the talent, communication and knowledge gaps between business, employment and community supports, and persons with disabilities

Goals for Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day:

  • To provide mentees access to workplace contacts, environments, skills, & HR process,
  • To increase confidence among students and jobseekers with disabilities,
  • To enhance internship, co-operative education and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities,
  • To dispel employers’ fears about hiring people with disabilities and promote disability confidence,
  • To give employers an opportunity to benchmark themselves as being accessible to what is a largely untapped pool of talent as well as a massive consumer market.

When is this day held?

Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day  is always held on the last Wednesday of October.

This year, in light of helping to keep everyone safe, we are going to be offering virtual matches when appropriate in addition to our traditional on-site matches. Every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of our mentors and mentees.

Want your city to host an event, contact jamie@theinnovasolution.ca


If you would like information about participating in Dolphin DMD as a community partner/coordinator, or to participate as an employer, please contact Jamie Burton: jamie@theinnovasolution.ca.

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