DMD 2021 – Our COVID-19 Response

The health and well being of our staff, clients and community are important to us.

Whether you are a person with a disability who is looking for a job, or wanting to ensure you keep your job, or you are a business or an employer who is looking for information & resources during these unprecedented times, we can help with that.

Recognizing that everyone is seeking information about employee engagement, productivity, mental health support and unanticipated barriers, we have continued to ensure we have the answers and support you need. With employees working from home and accommodations changing, when information dissemination via websites & collateral is more critical than ever, accessibility is more important than ever, too.

This is not only a huge time of transition, but also one of opportunity. A time where we can work together to ensure all employees have what they need to succeed at their jobs. A time when all businesses are working to ensure transitions in workplaces are not creating barriers and that diversity & inclusion remains a focus. If you have questions about accessibility in tech, accommodations at work, or how to connect with potential talent – we can help with that.

Dolphin DMD continues to understand the importance of a shared learning experience – and we remain focused on helping everyone realize their potential. JB

For more information, contact:

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