Empower Your Talent: The Future of Work’ Oct. 24, 2018


Dolphin DMD 2018

Dolphin DMD 2018 takes place on October 24. Events will occur in 17 cities across Canada as we continue to connect talented people.

OVER 340 Mentoring Participants in 2017!

On October 25, 2017 we hosted 344 participants as 172 mentoring matches in 102 businesses who participated in a shared learned experience.

Since 2011, Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day has matched aspiring and motivated people with disabilities with mentors to provide a unique opportunity to gain insight from practicing professionals around job requirements, jobs duties and tasks where the person’s skill sets are a best fit.

Each year more and more businesses and persons with disabilities work together to help bridge the employment gaps that exist in our communities. Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day is recognized for growth and effectiveness and is pleased to be mentioned in the 2017 Ontario Budget, Inclusive Skills Development. The budget announcement pertains to a new strategy for employment for people with disabilities, which was launched June 5, 2017. Access Talent: Ontario’s Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities, recognizes that making workplaces accessible and educating employers is essential to increasing employment for people with disabilities. Dolphin DMD is proud to be a part of this innovative and progressive plan to help increase opportunity for many talented Ontarians. Click here to view Ontario’s Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities.

We look forward to continuing our work with other provinces, and organizations as we implement our National strategy.

What is DMD?

Mission: Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day utilizes technology to help bridge the talent, communication and knowledge gaps between business, employment and community supports, and persons with disabilities


Goals for Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day:

  • To provide mentees access to workplace contacts, environments, skills, & HR process,
  • To increase confidence among students and jobseekers with disabilities,
  • To enhance internship, co-operative education and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities,
  • To dispel employers’ fears about hiring people with disabilities and promote disability confidence,
  • To give employers an opportunity to benchmark themselves as being accessible to what is a largely untapped pool of talent as well as a massive consumer market.


When is this day held?

Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day will be held on October 24, 2018. The day is always held on the last Wednesday of October.

Want your city to host an event, contact jamie@dolphin.ca


If you would like information about participating in Dolphin DMD 2018 as a community partner/coordinator, or to participate as an employer, please contact Jamie Burton:  jamie@dolphin.ca.


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