“Participating in Dolphin DMD was a great experience to get me out of my comfort zone. In spending time with my mentee and learning about his past, his work experience and his aspirations, I was able to see beyond his disability and think about opportunities in our organization, as well the broader market in general.” – Howard Cohen – TD, SVP National Accounts

My mentor and I quickly learned that there was, in her words, a very good fit between all of my skills and experience and what she and her group actually do. She mentioned this several times. Her plan for the day allowed me to quickly gain a good understanding of her work, and the confidence to see how my transferable skills would successfully fit into that work. Lastly, I was made extremely welcome by all members of her group and even made to feel that any input into their business during meetings would have been accepted. The team atmosphere was friendly and warm. So, to sum up I want to say a big “Thank You” for a great match that resulted in an enjoyable, productive session.” Mentee 2017

By the end of the day, my mentee had an expanded professional network and a sense of how to access career opportunities in the financial industry, just in time for an upcoming co-op term. Just as importantly, my colleagues and I gained a greater appreciation for inclusivity: our experience helped counter our own conscious and unconscious biases. I’m looking forward to participating in DMD again next year.
S. Lerner, Manulife

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