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An IT consulting firm that utilizes technology to create a level playing field thereby becoming the first business in Canada to develop barrier free solutions for persons with disabilities
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A non-profit specializing in labour market information to identify skills gaps and opportunities to meet employer demand for skills?

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A Brand New Opportunity.
Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day


Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day facilitate the pairing of job-ready persons with disabilities (pwd) with companies that utilize the skills they have or are developing through training. The mentees gain insight from practicing professionals around job requirements, jobs duties and tasks and where mentee skill sets are a best fit. The mentees are demonstrating to local employers that it is their ability that counts, not their disability. For the Mentoring organizations, the time spent with the mentees shows businesses examples of the breadth and depth of skills that persons with disabilities offer and is an opportunity to ensure that company policies and facilities are welcoming to all persons.

The Growth of the Day


chart shows the growth of DMD employers and matches from 2011-2018

The success of Dolphin DMD 2019

95.5% of mentees and 95.5% of mentors experienced a good match on October 30th.

83% of mentees felt that the day had given them more confidence in their job search and 85.5% planned to contact their mentors again.

In 2019, 22 different sectors were represented, with tremendous success in engaging mentors and employers within the professional & technical services, public administration, and market research sectors. However, it should be noted that engagement in aviation, retail, accommodation and food services and real estate have also increased over past years, and some sectors were represented for the first time this year, like management of companies & enterprises.

96% of mentors recognized that Dolphin DMD plays a role in promoting the hiring of persons with disabilities.

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